Enhancing Glass Since 1979

Commercial window film can enhance the performance of any glazing system, save energy, improve comfort, add safety/security and update aesthetics.  Significant and rapid payback in as little as 3 years make this a smart investment for any building owner or occupant.

Solar control window films dramatically reduce excessive heat gain by acting like a shield or filter.  They reject over 80% of the sun's energy by first reflecting the solar radiation.  Followed by absorbing some of this energy and lastly allowing natural light to pass through to varying degrees depending on films used.  This translates into a savings of one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of glass filmed.  Learn more

Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti protective film is a durable, optically clear and removable product that acts as a sacrificial barrier between vandals and the surfaces they cover.

Key Benefits

  • Can be applied over a wide range of surfaces such as windows, mirrors, stainless steel, marble, and other non-porous surfaces
  • Protects surfaces from paint, key scratches, marking, and even acid-etching
  • Special adhesive allows for easy removal and replacement when vandalized
  • Protects people and property from damaging UV rays


Buildings and offices of any size will save money by maintaining a constant and a more balance indoor climate.  Your business will see an immediate return on your investment by lowering your monthly electricity costs year after year.

Your commercial building can benefit greatly by installing window film, which can

  • reduce up to 80% of the sun's heat
  • reject up to 99% of the UV light,
  • reduce up to 95% of the resulting glare

Window films can also offer increased privacy.  Available with varying degrees of light transmission, you can choose the film that best fits your specific needs.  In addition, applying window film for your office can achieve up to 15 degrees of cooler temperatures - this means saving on your air conditioning and big savings on your energy costs!

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