Shattered Glass
The biggest cause of injury in earthquakes is flying glass from shattering windows

April is earthquake preparedness month. Are you ready?!

The biggest cause of injury in earthquakes often isn’t collapsing walls or a failing understructure, but flying glass from shattering windows. An earthquake can shatter windows and send jagged,high-velocity shards of glass flying several feet. Since most homes have at least one window in every room, an earthquake can put people in every part of the house in danger of serious injury within the first few seconds of impact.

Fortunately, window film can significantly reduce the risk of injury from shattering glass.
Window Film is a thin but strong polyester bonded with an ultra strong adhesive that is applied to a window, binding the pane so that it remains in position even if the glass is shattered.

Armorcoat saftey/security window films holding power is so strong that a pane will retain its shape even if a portion of it is broken through

Beyond reducing the risk of injury, window films also offer numerous other benefits. Films reinforce windows against shattering as an important part of safeguarding a home’s inhabitants during an earthquake. Every safety-conscious household should consider installing window film to prevent some of the most hazardous consequences of an earthquake.

Shattering glass is usually responsible for a significant percentage of injuries in a serious earthquake. In the Loma Prieta California earthquake of 1989, for example, half of the 3,700 injuries were caused by broken or breaking glass.

After a serious earthquake, materials needed to replace windows will be in short supply. It may also be difficult to find a professional to replace them. These factors can lengthen the amount of time residents must spend out of their homes after an earthquake. Without windows to provide shelter from the elements, the interior of a home may be exposed to the outdoors for a significant amount of time, adding further property damage to the cost of repairs.

Besides guarding against shattering glass, Armorcoat window film also filters harmful ultraviolet light that causes skin damage and makes furniture and wall hangings fade. Furnishings may retain their color for twice as long as they would normally. Tinted Armorcoat window film, which regulates heat from sunlight, minimizes heat loss, and reduces glare, is available as well.

Window Film-enforced windows can also serve as a crime deterrent, since they are significantly more difficult to break through. A thief may decide to just move on rather than waste valuable time breaking the windows. This is one way to reduce the chances your home will be looted following an earthquake.

Window Film is an inexpensive easy retrofit. It adds a layer of protection to your home safeguarding you and your loved ones.